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  • Principles

As the body candle is a hollow tube and the skin and the paper below the candle are breathable, “chimney effect” arises. Underpressure is ensured by pushing the candle slightly to the skin.Any disorders under the skin (inflammation , cysts, myomas, swellings, small stones and bone fragments) get released and partially pulled into the candle (and later diagnosed – see below). 

The body starts to eliminate the rest using standard ways , e.g. you start to blow your nose. Therefore its important to drink plenty of water before and after burning. 

One body candle covers a diameter of approximately 20 cm and depth of approximately 6cm.Additional cleaning process takes place through the flame which purifies our energies and past experiences that might limit, influence or bother us. 

Body candling shortens the healing process. 

How much and how often?

The number and frequency of candling depends on the issue but is hard to specify the exact number of candles to be applied. 

In general, it is better to solve long term issues with bigger candles once every two or three days as the healing process is connected with detoxifying the body. If you want to solve the difficulty quickly (cold, sore throat) apply four to five candles per one day.

principles of body candling