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  • The Use of Ear Candles 

Did you buy the Ear Candles? Did you try them but you still have that feeling that you might not be applying them correctly? Do you have a feeling that they are not working? We often come accross the incorrect application and faulty information when it comes to Ear Candles. Here is a detailed script on how to use them for the maximum benefits.

When do we NOT apply Ear Candles?

  • If you are allergic to any of the ingrediences
  • If  you suffer from Otitis Media
  • If you are running a fever
  • If you have perforation of your ear drum

It is important to clean your ears but you have to be careful when doing so. Thanks to the incorrect way of cleaning you might be pushing the ear wax deeper into your ear and that causes imbalance of your ear pressure. By applying Ear Candles your ear wax melts under the warmth and the pressure during the burning process will suck the wax up and out of your ear.  

When do we apply Ear Candles?

  • Ringing, whistling or clogged ears
  • Prevention of accumulating excessive ear wax
  • When having trouble with ear pressure or energy blockage
  • Migraine
  • Dizziness and headhaches
  • Stress
  • Toothache
  • Cold, stuffy nose, runny nose
  • Insomnia
  • Eye problems
  • Inner ear eczema
  • High or low blood pressure
  • It could have a positive effect on heart issues
  • Cleans the lymphatic system from the chest up
  • It levels the right and the left hemisphere in the brain

According to acupuncturists, the heat from the candles warms up the microsystem of your ear lobe, therefore it works on your refloxology points and the refloxology points positively stimulate the process of healing from a cold as well as they help with lymphatic cleansing of your ear.

How Do We Correctly Apply the Ear Candles?

Just like in the Body Candles we start with preparation. On a table we prepare the candle, mathes (lighter), glass or a bowl with water for the burning parts, thin breathable paper towel or a napkin to place under the candle during the burning process, tweezers or scissors to cut the burnt parts off and placing them into the bowl or glass with water.

The best position of the patient is on his or her side and for the head to be in horizontal position. Apply the candle on the in the left ear first and the right ear after that.

UNLESS - If the symptoms are in the right ear, apply the candle to the ear with symptoms first.

Apply a thin napkin or a tissue on the ear, grab the candle with the non burning side down, apply very little pressure and push the napkin or the tissue into the ear with the candle as if we are screwing a nail. Make sure you are not applying extensive pressure and that the candle is in vertical position.

Hold the candle for the whole time while inserting in the screwing motion until we can prevent for the smoke to leak from the bottom. That way the Chimney effect can be established and all of the problem causing stuff can be sucked out of the ear by the chimney effect.

You can hear noises that might remind you of fireburning and you can feel s slight warmth.

Don't forget to remove the burnt parts during the burning process. Use tweezers or scissors and place the burnt part into the bowl or cup of water.

When we reach the end mark on the candle remove the candle and place the burning part into the water that you prepared at the beginning. Make sure that the whole candle is under water and there is no burning part exposed. Do not empty the cup or bowl of water with the candle into the trash until you are fully assured that there are no hot surfaces left that could cause a fire.

The candle burning process takes about 10-12 minutes for each ear. 

Please have in mind that for the best results you must apply and complete the burning process in both ears. After the procedure the patient can clean and massage their ear canal.

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